Unique fingerprints; a unique gift.

FingerprintThe saying goes that everyone in this world is connected to each other in six handshakes; On every hand you find unique fingerprints; Every fingerprint tells a personal story.

We applied the fingerprints of six young people from Indonesia and Ghana in a pendant that can be worn jewellery or used as a key ring. In this way, we bring their fingerprints, and their story, closer to you.

Wear it and show that you are connected to someone on the other side of the world!

Read more about the concept and the stories behind the fingerprints below.

The fingerprints and their stories

FingerprintsLasiyatun (1992) from Indonesia is a young mother and business woman. She makes baskets out of bamboo and successfully sells these in her village. She is also the leader of the group trained in entrepreneurial skills by Plan.

Watch this documentary and learn more about her work as an entrepreneur through the eyes of Dutch students.


fingerprintsZainur (1996) from Indonesia is a young man and one of the beneficiaries of Plan’s Youth Economic Empowerment project. Before he joined the project he was a brick layer.

Currently he works in a supermarket and has subsequently won awards for Best employee.

FingerprintsTitik (1993) from Indonesia is a young unmarried woman who lives together with her parents. She is currently the only female teacher in the elementary school in her village. She is a former sponsor child and is now active as a volunteer for a youth forum for children. She actively campaigns against child marriage in her community. Watch this video clip, produced by Dutch students and see how important it is for girls to go to school.


FingerprintsPrince (1993) from Ghana is a writer, blogger and social entrepreneur in Ghana. He has 12 sisters and 7 brothers and lives with his mother in Accra. He promotes empowerment of girls and young women in everything he does. He is initiator of the project Be A Girl, which give awards to girls who have excelled in academics in school. The goal of this project is to inspire more girls to go to school. Read one of his blogs here

fingerprintsHarriet (1992) from Ghana is one of the beneficiaries of the “Girls Making media project” of Plan Ghana. This project helped her to become a journalist. She lives in Accra with her parents and siblings. Learn more about Girls Making Media project in Ghana.



fingerprintsDenicia (1992) from Ghana is a young mother of a 4-year old boy. She visited the Netherlands, as part of a lobby campaign for equal rights for young girls in developing countries. She used to live on the streets, but now she is a receptionist in Ghana. Listen to her story.



About the gift

This gift is the result of a youth driven campaign from Plan Nederland and The School of Arts, Utrecht. The campaign want to activate young people, through innovative tools, and promote the position of girls and young women in developing countries. The unique fingerprints are available in three colors.

Wear it and show that you are connected to someone on the other side of the world!

Concept development: Sofie Groot Dengerink & Esther Vijftigschild
Production: D E S N I J Z A A K
Lasiyatun, Titik, Jepi (Plan Indonesia employee) in DE SNIJZAAK (Utrecht)

Dit programma wordt uitgevoerd met financiële ondersteuning uit de Subsidiefaciliteit voor Burgerschap & Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (SBOS) van het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken.

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